Does This Fallout 4 Easter Egg Point To A Co-op Mode For The Game?


Fallout has always been about the single player experience. Always. Since 1997 when Interplay released Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, the series has remained single player.

It’s gone through tons of different looks, ranging from Isometric, to FPS, and of course, to mobile, it’s still maintained that core belief.Bethesda is pretty much exactly the same. They’ve never developed a multiplayer game, despite being one of the biggest developers and publishers in the world.



And no, ESO was not developed by Bethesda Game Studios, in case that popped in your head. It was developed by a Studio called Zenimax Online Studios.


So with these two famously single player oriented names in gaming, is it possible that Bethesda would go against the grain of not only their history, but also the history of arguably their most popular series?

Well, one Easter Egg found in the Automatron DLC could very well suggest just that.

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