This is the most disturbing videogame level ever made that gave players nightmares


Any mature person can tell the difference between a videogame and reality, but sometimes the lines get blurred and things can feel a little too real for comfort. That has been the case with a particular scene from a game called Spec Ops: The Line, which came out in 2012 and was relatively well received. It’s rated 9/10 on Steam, and 8/10 on IGN. Published by 2K games, you can still pick up a copy on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC/Mac/Linux.

One of the goals of this modern military shooter is to challenge your morality, and to allow you to test yourself to see what kinds of decisions you would make when faced with dark choices. There’s one scene, in particular, that really took things to the next level…

We’re seen plenty of violent and gore-filled games in the past, but they never seen to stick with us because there’s always a kind of cartoonishness to them. Even the more realistic ones. But with Spec Ops: The Line, there’s just something haunting about this scene that will disturb you to your core.

Players have reported having to take days off from gaming after experiencing this level:

It begins with your squad coming across an enemy encampment, but being way too outnumbered to go in there on foot. After some debate, they decide to use white phosphorous on the camp.