Creepy guy shows up in real life to tip twitch streamer

It can be strange sometimes when the online world crosses over into real life. Streamers might have big followings online, but still aren’t necessarily used to that “celebrity” life in the real world.

Cho is a popular streamer on Twitch, whose streams consist of things like eating, dancing, and other IRL activities. She’s been controversially banned in the past, but continues to do her thing across social media, where people enjoy watching her live her life.

She was recently streaming outdoors, when a stranger came up and handed her some cash. It’s not the typical way to donate to support your favorite streamers and is certainly kind of strange thing, but she didn’t seem bothered by it at all, more confused than anything, and then happy to have gotten some cash.

“Hey Cho, I got a donation for you, here you go,” the guy says, and then immediately walks away.

The guy was probabally a bit nervous to meet someone he’s a fan of, and didn’t want to stick around and chat. It’s unclear if he was just walking by and recognized her, or saw her stream and was in the area and decided to track her down. He does say her name, so it’s not just some random person thinking she’s a panhandler.

She asked “Cho? He knows me??” then looks around for him, before asking who he is, and remarking that he’s already disappeared.