Crazy Twitch Streamer Records Emotional Breakdown After Being Permanently Banned

It seems like Twitch has been busting out the ban hammer on a more frequent basis lately. Earlier this week a streamer got banned for beating his girlfriend live on stream, LegendaryLea flashed her lady bits resulting in a suspension, and this guy whacked off without knowing his feed was live.

Today, a popular Russian streamer posted a YouTube video after she found out she had been banned from Twitch. Over a million people so far have seen this girl cry hysterically over her inability to stream any further on the popular website. Though the video is entirely in Russian, someone on Reddit has translated the dialogue into English for us to understand.

via reddit

via reddit

It doesn’t seem like there is a definite answer yet as to why she has been banned from Twitch, but there are a few theories out there right now, including view botting and excessive swearing.

“Some say she was banned for veiwbotting, other say that it was because literally every other word on his stream was some kind of a swear word, but nobody knows for sure, she wasn’t nude or had accidents like lea, so unless it’s viewbotting her ban seems weird.” -PixAlan, Reddit

“Is this the same streamer that only really got an audience by doing a mass follow/unfollow campaign on Twitch? The same one that had a profile picture that wasn’t her, a donation picture that wasn’t her, AND stole donation art from another Russian streamer?” -BoyWithTheCoolName, Reddit

“One of the russian comments says it’s because of excessive swearing rather than viewbotting but i dunno” -kvistur, Reddit

Apparently, this girl has made a ton of money off stream viewers because if people donated to her, their messages would be read by a text-to-voice app live on her stream. They would type in whatever they wanted their message to say, and she would scream and flip out over them. Most messages started off their as a compliment, and then ended with some sort of insult. And she had the same pterodactyl screech reaction EVERY. TIME. Here’s an example below:


From the looks of it, her breakdown video below she posted isn’t that far off of what her normal streams appear to be. Well, I guess if I made $10,000 a month for screaming obscenities on the Internet like a crazy person, I would be a little upset too if that got taken away from me without being given a reason.

You can watch the video of her meltdown below.