How McDonalds Workers Helped So Police Could Catch Facebook Killer

The hunt for the Facebook Killer Steve Stephens came to a conclusion shortly after some quick-witted workers at a McDonalds drive-thru in Erie, PA recognized him. He ordered a 20 piece nuggets and fries. After handing him the nuggets and alerting authorities, the employees informed him that it would be a short wait for the fries because they had to make a new batch. He waited around anxiously in the drive-thru for a few precious moments before deciding to take off without his fries.

image: vice news

He may have sensed something with off when he decided to speed off before grabbing his fries, and yelling at the employees, but it was enough time for the police to get on his trail. While in pursuit, Stephens stopped his car in the middle of the road, close to an elementary school, and shot himself. He died on the scene, and the nationwide manhunt is over thanks to the hard work of the officers and the diligence of these McDonalds employees. Had he been able to continue for longer, who knows what other atrocities this monster could have committed?