The ‘Catch Me Outside, How Bout Dat?’ Girl From Dr. Phil Show Just Did Something Very Illegal

This girl is hell on wheels, and this time she’s done something that might have taken her bad girl act too far. The troubled teen originally went viral after going on the Dr. Phil show and acting tough while treating her mother absolutely terribly, challenging viewers to “catch her outside” did it again.

The clip which now has 20 million+ views turned the internet upside down, as people were blown away by the girl’s foolish bravado and lack of self-awareness. It’s humorous to note the official Dr. Phil show has disabled comments for the video.

Her behavior is out of control and many people are calling for some kind of an intervention so she can get help and stop making destructive decisions.

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There is a new viral clip that has surfaced, and now we are genuinely concerned for this girl.

This time it appears she is threatening the adult assistant of the Dr. Phil show with physical violence, an illegal act. The description claims she, “Goes Off On Dr Phil’s Assistant For Ruining Her Life!” It’s hard to decipher what she’s saying, but I’m pretty sure you can hear her signature, “Catch me outside how bout dat?” She also dropped a new bomb on the internet, “walk you like a dog.”