“Catch Me Outside, How Bout Dat?” Girl From Dr. Phil Show Gets Beaten Up

This troubled teen went viral after going on the Dr. Phil show and acting tough while treating her mother absolutely terribly, challenging viewers to “catch her outside”, and somebody took her up on the offer.

After a video surfaced of her getting beaten up as a group of people looked on and laughed, she took to social media to repair her ego, saying that obviously nobody talking about her has ever seen a real fight where someone got beaten up for real.

She didn’t choose the thug life, it chose her.


We’re not really sure what her deal is or why she acts like such a fool, to know that you’d have to watch the Dr. Phil episode and let’s be real, who has the time or patience for that?

Anyways, here’s the video clip showing her briefly on the Dr. Phil show spitting out her now-famous catchphrase, and then living out her own version of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”

Finally, the video on next page ends with her ranting about the whole situation.

“Come on, run up on her man!” A male voice is overheard encouraging this violent altercation.

She talks about how the other girl from the fight is a stripper who takes provocative photos with her 8 year old daughter. This is the type of fight where there are no winners, only losers.

A new video has surfaced, of her doing something very illegal.