“Catch me Outside” girl goes full savage on Dr.Phil after returning to the show

Danielle “Catch me Ousside’ Bregoli returned to Dr.Phil’s show last night, a few months after an episode featuring her made both the show and herself go viral.

The teenager who seems to have some issues didn’t really hold back when Phil quizzed her about how she felt coming to the show.

The girl snapped back and said that it was OK since she made his show famous and snapped that ‘he was nothing’ before she came to the show.

It was really insane to say that since the show’s been popular since a long time and she made a lot of money doing deals and promos after getting famous on the show. Dr.Phil replied saying “thank you for that”.

However, the girl appeared a lot more well behaved and eventually near the end of the clip, you can see her saying “thank you” to Dr.Phil for helping her out.

This wasn’t done without her mom explaining to her how she must though.

Watch the video below –