‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl might face massive lawsuit for stealing this brand’s logo

Cash Me Ousside girl is a cultural icon now, and we’re just going to have to deal with it.

Some generations of young girls had the likes of Susan B. Anthony or Rosa Parks to look up to as inspirational, strong role models, but today’s youth aren’t so lucky, they get Cash Me Ousside Girl.

Danielle Bregoli got a lot of attention after her initial appearance on Dr. Phil, along with her subsequent visit where she compared herself to Oprah for making Dr. Phil famous, and got in a fight on an airplane on her way there.

She’s even in a music video now. Welcome to 2017.

Basically, this is a train wreck of a situation. During the initial interview her mom tried to come off like some kind of saint, but after seeing the airplane fight and her mom bragging about how famous her daughter is becoming, it’s pretty obvious this is just a bad situation all around and that Cash Me Girl could probably use a more positive role model in her life.

Now she’s rolling with massive bodyguards and somebody convinced her to trademark her catchphrase. Now that lawyers have sunk their teeth into her, and media agencies are realizing she’s still getting a lot of attention, all bets are off. Whoever is giving her legal and career advice should have probably mentioned that she shouldn’t steal another brand’s logo, though.

On her official Cashmeousside hoodie, she ripped off the Champion logo, and that’s not going to end well for her.

The brand has issued her a warning, giving her one week to halt all production and sales of any merchandise she has made with their logo. Hanesbrands Inc, who owns Champion Sportswear, don’t want her as a spokeswoman and said her actions discredit their “extensive consumer goodwill and reputation.”