We Found The Kazoo Kid: He’s All Grown Up and Has Zero Regrets

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably seen the 1989 video of Kazoo Kid doing his thing. The video’s been out there for a while, but it really started making the rounds very recently. This is right up there with Tron Guy, Star Wars kid, and Overly Attached Girlfriend in terms of internet memedom. Sometimes, “meme stars” get embarrassed and reject their sudden stardom, but Kazoo Kid is loving every minute of it.

In case you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

It turns out the kid’s name is Brett Ambler, and he’s all grown up now. Brett is an actor, and he has zero regrets over this video. Some people would see it and be embarrassed, but with kazoo skills like that – what’s there to be ashamed of? He recently played the part of Buddy Holly in the Buddy Holly story in Colorado. Say what you want about how he got his start, but how many actors have an origin story this good?

Brett Ambler Kazoo Kid

He did an AMA on reddit a while ago, and it sounds like he’s always down for a kazoo sesh with fans. The world needs more Brett Amblers.

If you listen really closely, you can hear the faint whisper of a kazoo off on the horizon. That’s because we caught up with Brett Ambler to talk about his famous video, kazoos, and whatever.

In case you’re wondering Brett has never been recognized in public, probably because he looks a lot different these days.

Here are answers to the two most commonly asked questions:

Did any of your friends see this video when you were older, and if so, how did that influence your life?

I mostly kept it on the DL after moving away from home. But most of my friends who have seen it think it’s cute. And they always wonder what happened to my hair since it’s more brown and curly now. Puberty, I think, is what happened.

How the hell did you get involved with the Kazoo Kid video?

I got the roll by audition. My elementary school music teacher told us all that there would be auditions for a sing along movie. I must have expressed interest because next thing I know I was hanging out with Melissa & Doug (writer producers) doing an audition. I don’t remember much of that beside crawling around, pretending, making animal noises. Weird stuff. I remember they seemed to be impressed that I was pretty willing to be strange. They auditioned a few hundred kids from all the neighboring towns and cast 6 or 7 of us. Through the rehearsal process every person besides me was recast. I think one girl was replaced by her own sister if I remember right.

The trap remix is straight fire:

Find Brett Ambler on twitter here.