Boyfriend hacks into Cheating Girlfriend’s Facebook, writes status she’ll never forget

Sometimes instead of getting angry when you find out your significant other is cheating on you, you will get even. One man busted his girlfriend cheating on him and how he repaid her was epic.

Now and then one of your friends on social media will make an “exposed” post calling out someone for their shady actions. However, put his girlfriend on full blast.

First off, the post talks about how her boyfriend (Jason) took her on an expensive vacation. During the holiday, the girl (Ashley) claimed to want to marry him and be the mother of his children.

The post later transitions regarding how she was sleeping with two separate men three weeks before the vacation, along with the fact that she manipulated Jason into buying her a pricey Coachella ticket.

Image: FaceBook

According to the Facebook post, one of the men she slept with was in a “committed” long-term relationship, who was soon-to-be married. The second guy she slept with was a guy; she flew in to see the day after her boyfriend’s birthday; claiming it was a “business trip.”

Image: FaceBook

The post then concludes with where Ashley currently is at, sitting in a jail cell because she assaulted Jason, a police officer and resisted arrest.

Image: FaceBook

As the saying goes, cheaters never win.