BBC presenter slapped after accidentally grabbing Woman’s breast on Live TV

A BBC presenter recently got himself into bit of a soup when he was unexpectedly interrupted during a LIVE TV interview by a woman.

BBC reporter Ben Brown was trying to cover Labour’s manifesto launch in Bradford when suddenly a female came on live camera.

She was seen giving the camera a big thumbs up with a smug-liked smile on her face. She then uttered the words “absolutely fantastic”. However, Ben didn’t take too kindly to the interruption and went on to gently push her away.

Unfortunately he accidentally touched her breasts while doing so. This left the woman visibly annoyed and she could be seen slapping Ben on the shoulder twice before walking away.

Ben tried to clear the air about the incident later via a tweet:



To his defense, it’s hard enough to interview people on live TV and bystanders trying to make disruptions make it even harder. It all fairness, it did seem accidental.