Bad news: Why GTA VI won’t be releasing anytime soon


Fans have been excitedly talking about the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6over the last few months. Initially the game was expected to be released in 2018, but recent rumors suggests that the game has been pushed back until as late as 2020.

Fans are now curious to know why GTA 6 actually got delayed by two years, and we might finally have a logical answer. There’s been a lot of debate about why the game is apparently delayed, although Rockstar Games was tremendously successful with GTA V.

gta 6

Some reports blamed Rockstar wanting to make it fully VR compatible at launch while others cited that the team was finding it difficult to fund the development since the costs are apparently going to be higher than 350 million.

But none of that made a lot of sense but it’s certain GTA 6 won’t be revealed anytime soon, especially with Rockstar announcing Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, now we may finally have a sensible reason for the delay.