Assassin That Killed Kim Jong Un’s Brother Caught Wearing ‘LOL’ Shirt

Kim Jong Un had a half brother named Kim Jong Nam, one of his four siblings, and the two don’t exactly see eye to eye. Jong Nam came out and called his brother’s regime a “joke“, before being assassinated by a woman wearing a shirt that says “LOL“.

The following image, released by the Malay Mail, shows one of the alleged assassins captured on a security camera.

After being exiled from his home, Jong Nam reported said he felt like he was “living on borrowed time” while staying in Macau, and becoming more and more worried about something happening, yet he still enjoyed life and didn’t have any bodyguards.

Jong Un may not be as strong and powerful as he tells his people through his propaganda, but he’s still a world leader who can make bad things happen to his enemies if he so desires, even outside of North Korea.

Footage from a handout shows the same “LOL” woman.

“He had a relaxing life here. Obviously he felt he was protected by China,” revealed a source, as reported by the South China Morning Post. “Macau suited his personality. He enjoyed life and the good things about it. Macau offered him security and also entertainment.”

Was the “LOL” shirt a direct response to him calling his brother’s leadership a ‘joke’?

In 2013, Jong Un had his uncle executed, and has a long history of terrible behaviour and killing anyone who dares do anything even remotely opposed to him. North Korea is aggressively pursuing a nuclear arsenal, and the thought of someone who murders their own family members having access to that type of destructive power is chilling.