A videogame which allows your character to grow old and die

How much control do players want when it comes to their character’s lives? Sure, we can alter appearances, choose names, and even make decisions that alter reputations. But what if you could play as a character until his last dying breath leaves his body due to old age?

There is an MMO in development that has completed funding on Kickstarter named Chronicles of Elyria. This game is so unique in comparison to traditional MMOs because it allows each player to have a unique story and experience that is tailored to their decisions.

Sure, games such as Fable have allowed players to make decisions that affected how good or evil they were, but Chronicles of Elyria takes decision making to a whole different level of personalization and player engagement.

via youtube

via youtube

So many factors contribute to a player’s experience in this game, such as restricted amounts of resources, a fluctuating economy, and non-repeatable quests. Even the environment is affected, unlike typical worlds that players are used to which respawn items within minutes.

There’s also one unique feature that’s bound to generate a lot of noise among the gaming community that the game contains.