A EVE Online pilot placed a $75,000 real life bounty on rival alliance for creating ‘doomsday’ weapon


One EVE Online player is offering a whopping sum of $75,000 to the pilots who will help him in evicting a notorious alliance from their territory. This could easily be the largest real money bounty we have ever seen in a video game.

The guy who is offering this huge amount of money is known as ‘holder2k.’ He is also offering a contract to the pilots who are interested to help him via Paypal. He also mentioned that each of the pilot to joins to help will get an equal share of the offered money once the operation is successful.

Image: EVE Online

Image: EVE Online

We however are not sure about holder2k’s judging process as he mentioned “the money can be contractually recalled if you try to take money and run.

Although holder2k has announced a legitimate bounty, it will not be easy for him as he has challenged the brutal gang of killers called ‘Hard Knocks’. They were the first gang to build EVE’s version of Death Star.

On the other hand, holder2k is keen on evicting the star system named ‘Rage’ which has a great defensive pit and warp disruption bubbles. So, it will not be very easy to evict Rage at all. If we still assume that holder and his assembled army becomes capable, they will not be able to cope with Hard Knocks’ ‘Fort Knocks’ Keepstar citadel.