A car chase survival horror game where you are being hunted by mysterious creatures


Driving Survival is a new survival horror game about car chases. In the past we have come across several survival horror games, but this one is fresh and interesting.

In the game, you are being chased by some mysterious creatures who wants you dead. All you need to do is to drive the car round and round until you get away from them.

Image: Rock Paper Shotgun

Image: Rock Paper Shotgun

The environment around is really tensed and the interior of the car can give you spine chilling vibes, but you have no options left. Your car is your only option to escape, although it can easily turn to be your coffin. The tension increases even more when you try to look at the rear view mirror as you get to see the mysterious creatures who are after you.

The developers have released a trailer and a chase sequence and we’re very impressed with what we see.