9 Things You Never Noticed In The Last of Us 2 Trailer


While it has been rumored for a while now, if you played the first game ‘til the end or just know Naughty Dog’s style, you’d know that The Last Of Us 2 was bound to be announced eventually.

Now, we’ve got an official confirmation that The Last Of Us is getting a sequel that follows an older Ellie, and Joel. The trailer that accompanied this announcement is only around 4 minutes long, but it’s already evident that  time has not been kind to Ellie. However, there were a few subtleties in there you may have missed:

Article may contain spoilers from The Last Of Us.

9) Ellie got inked.

Apparently tattoo parlors are still around in post-apocalyptic worlds because Ellie has a tattoo. And by the looks of it, it’s a decent one at that.

The tattoo details some sort of plant, an herb possibly, as it doesn’t seem to have tree-like branches. It will be very interesting to see how she got that on her arm, and what it means.


8) Ellie’s a Guitar Hero now.

So, tattoo parlours are a thing still, and apparently she’s picked up some copies of Guitar Hero 5 as well because she knows how to strum an acoustic. It’s possible that Joel has taught her how to play, or maybe she visited a music store at some point and learnt from some books (or maybe even videos).


It’s not far-fetched to say that either, because in the first game we came across a music store.


In addition, it confirms the legitimacy of the concept art that was leaked quite a while ago. It pictures Ellie with a guitar, with what I can assume to be SWAT-level fireflies approaching from the distance. Possibly she’s being hunted down so Doctors can finally make a cure.


7) Ellie is the Green Arrow now.

This continues from the previous point. If the concept art was correct about the guitar, then that can also mean it’s correct about the bow and arrow see This could mean her main weapon is a bow and arrow, which would make sense as guns are loud (even with silencers on them.)  And in case you’ve forgotten, clickers are attracted to anything that makes too much noise. Notice there’s no tattoo on her arm, however.

green arrow

We can also see what is probably her Joke book from the first game. It’s possible that could be making a return.

joke book