9 Super Hot Overwatch’s Tracer Fan Art That Will Make You Sweat

Overwatch is a highly anticipated shooter that will be released on May 24 by Blizzard. Since the Beta has been out, its popularity has grown in many ways, including its most recognizable character, Tracer.

Tracer has been the center of attention in regards to the game, and her booty accentuating pants has caused some controversy, which has even caused Blizzard to alter an image of her. With the game skyrocketing PornHub searches for Overwatch material, it’s no surprise that many people have created fan artwork dedicated to Tracer’s sexiness. Here are 9 of the best ones the Internet has seen so far. (And by best, I mean fan art that didn’t require me to be a statistic for PornHub.)

1. Nisego from Deviantart’s sexy bad ass creation
tracer 2


2. Ronindude from Deviantart’s sweet and sultry piece

tracer 5