The 9 Biggest Videogames Which Were Unplayable at Launch


Complaints and small issues in games are common place these days – freezing, often hilarious or annoying glitches prevent us from really getting along with the game and putting it in our ‘favourites’ collection, regardless of how good it has the potential to be. The following games suffered from just that and more – they were simply unplayable on release date.


Source: The Glitch

Planetside 2

Visually stunning, Planetside 2 is an MMO designed to quite literally allow hundreds of players to join in, which sounds awesome right? The theory of it was good, everybody playing online and having a good time is a great idea in theory – only having a good time was almost impossible on the PC version.


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The problem with it was that upon release most computers simply couldn’t handle the game, often running at just 10-30 frames per second which was just simply not good enough. It was eventually patched and fixed, but it’s more than likely that a lot of players had lost their patience with the game, which is a deep shame for something that had so much potential.


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Fallout: New Vegas

Bethesda have an ever so slight reputation for trying to be far too ambitious with their games, let’s be honest. Although they are, or could be a lot of fun from the get go, they tend to have many irritating problems. Players of Fallout: New Vegas were no exception to this, as the game often had many annoying glitches and bugs – often literally ruining your progress.


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New Vegas suffered from a horrible bug which would often corrupt your save files, meaning if you were unlucky enough, you had to start all over again. It isn’t the first time Bethesda have failed to properly test their games before release, and the chances are it won’t be the last from the ever ambitious, but brilliant company.

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