8 YouTube Videos That Sent The Creators To Jail

If you don’t know by now, Youtube is serious business. People have done all sorts of things for views, from risking their lives, to betraying their families, to starting fake drama to throw other people under the bus… so what’s a stint in the slammer if it means a few extra subs, right?

Here are 8 creators who did hard time in the name of their videos.

8. “It’s Just a Prank Bro”

Five members of the channel TrollStation did a video pretending to rob an art gallery and causing a panic, people got hurt, one woman was left unconscious. They have a number of videos where they’ll stage robberies, impersonate police, and generally just try to cause fear among innocent citizens, and that all came up after the art gallery “prank”. Add bomb hoaxes, fake kidnappings, and more to the list.

One of them snuck a phone into prison and snap chatted about how many drugs and weapons are in there, how he’s seen more of that in prison than he saw on the streets. This is still all a joke to them.

Look, you can’t just go into a convenience store, pretend you’re robbing it, force shoppers to get down on the ground and threaten them, then just say “It’s just a prank, chill out!” You’re still doing illegal things, calling it a prank doesn’t suddenly make it okay.

They’re total slapstick clowns about it, running into eachother and stuff, but it’s too late by the time they told everyone it was a prank. “On paper it was a good idea,” they said “However it didn’t end well.”