8-Year-Old Kids are Fighting on TV in Russia and Knocking Eachother Out

While college students in the USA are busy being triggered by articles on the internet, in Russia they have kids as young as 8 fighting on TV. The fights are being put on by Russian backed Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov, and even his own son competes. The tiny combatants are just like mini UFC fighters, walking out with full cornerman, entrance music and everything. The TV broadcast comes from the Chechen capital Grozny and even featured professional commentary and graphics introducing the child fighters.

The international community is a bit concerned by all this:

Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko said, “What happened at the tournament in Grozny is unacceptable and, moreover, cannot be justified, There were little ones, eight years old, punching each other in front of happy adults. Is it really so important for you to organize a spectacle at the cost of children’s health?!”

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