8 Weird But True Facts About Overwatch


Overwatch is the latest fad in the world of online shooters and playing online with your friends is a blast in the futuristic weird world they created. Blizzard did a great job in making a game that is all about fun! Here’s a list of 8 of the most peculiar but true details that characterize and shape the identity of this game. The criteria we took into consideration when creating this list is, of course, the degree of weirdness each item presents and the impact it has on the entire Overwatch universe.

The name almost didn’t happen
overwatch4Because they weren’t exactly quick in securing the trademark for the name Overwatch, Blizzard encountered a problem when another company wanted to use the same term for their business. Innovis Labs was already marketing their product: an app which brought gaming-like elements to real-life paintball matches, when Blizzard was releasing gameplay trailers and both of the companies were simultaneously using the same name for their products. They eventually reached an accord where Blizzard gained all the rights over the name and thus the Overwatch exclusive trademark was born.

The Blizzard Universe is present at every corner
Hanamura_overwatch All over the game you’ll find different Easter eggs that hint to other Blizzard titles. For example, in Hanamura there is a kitchen soup that has a giant Murloc on its advertising display and if you shoot at it, the specific gargling sound can be heard. The names of the arcade games also found in Hanamura are: Fighters of the Storm, a direct clue to Blizzards’ Heroes of the Storm and The Lost Vikings VI that is a very evident nod to the nostalgic Lost Vikings game. A piñata that looks exactly like the main character from Diablo is yet another item that links the Blizzards universes together.

Overwatch is Titan’s descendant

titanMMOblizzardEven though Blizzard failed to accomplish their dream of making Titan, the most complex MMO ever created, the legacy has not been lost but continued through Overwatch. The name is one of the first things that was revived, in the original project the Overwatch being an elite task force, also, some of the maps found in the actual shooter have been a part of Titan. The hero Tracer is yet another reminiscence that managed to stay alive and continue as a character in Blizzard’s new FPS. As we can see, all the efforts they put in the development of Titan haven’t been in vain.

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