8 Videogames that will completely ruin your social life

It’s great having friends, you can catch movies with them, go for drinks or simply just chill out together. It’s been proven having friends is good for your health, but if you intend of having them stick around, you might want to avoid these the next time you plan a gathering. Here’s 8 video games that can ruin your social life if you’re not careful enough.

The Witcher 3

the witcher 3

Starting off the list, The Witcher 3 was awarded game of the year, which is no easy feat. It only seems fitting for this game to be on the list. For me personally, The Witcher 3 was the first of the franchise that I had the pleasure of diving head first into.

Say goodbye to your friends for at least a fortnight, TW3 is packed with quests, locations, dialogue and colorful characters, all of which will have you glued to your gamer chair (or desired seat) for a while. But it’s not just the content that will have you locked in, the game is beautifully paced. You’ll go from the feeling of making no progress to a plot twist instantly, couple this with the multiple choices (which can effect your story) and emotional attachments.

And I can’t mention the multiple endings, which has proven its effectiveness as I’m on my third play through. TW3 is a beautifully crafted emotional roller coaster of a game that will leave you wanting more (and leg cramp from not moving for six straight hours).



In a world full of Call of Duty annual releases and the dedicated fans of the Battlefield franchise, what keeps CS:GO a prominent entry to the FPS genre?

It is, simply put, just fun. Where CoD over complicates things with exo suits and perks that transform you from soldier to terminator, CS:GO keeps things simple. Where Battlefield constantly encourages pay to win with god guns available for purchase (it’s always those damn level 140’s), CS:GO keeps all weapons available for everyone. Besides, we all know you’re going to use the AWP regardless.

However what ultimately puts this game on the list is how carefree the game is. Sure you could play it competitively, but it’s much easier and more fun (in my opinion) to just jump in a game with no pressure or expectations, just fun. You should probably make up some excuses for this one.