8 pointless things gamers do that have absolutely no use

Don’t we love videogames? They can get quite immersive at times. So immersive in fact that the lines between virtual and real are blurred to the extent that we fail to see the difference between them. This in turn compiles us to carry out real life actions while playing them with the rather absurd idea that it somehow impacts the outcome within the game.

Does it make any bloody sense? Nope. But does almost every gamer end up doing it anyways? Hell yes. This is the beauty of games, you tend to get so invested that you don’t bother making a fool of yourself by doing such things.

Today, we look at 8 such common things that we have all done at some point while playing our favorite games and then looked back only to realize how stupid we are for doing them. Then we go and repeat them all over again. It’s an endless cycle. No really.

Pressing X while at the loading screen


This is perhaps the most common thing we tend to do. Games, especially current-gen ones, often come with huge open worlds or complex algorithms that requires loading screens between sequences. This can be termed as being a necessary evil and they tend to create a disconnect from an otherwise immersive experience.

No one likes to encounter a loading screen which…well…refuses to load quickly. The best way to ensure it does? Repeatedly pressing the X button of course. Many independent researchers have concluded that it actually tends to work as hundreds of gamers have claimed in the studies, that by pressing X continuously at the loading screen, it loaded faster.

Of course, the studies have no proof that not pressing it would have made it load any slower, but try telling this to the gamers!

Shouting at players while playing Football Games

Source: Gamerfitnation.com

Source: Gamerfitnation.com

This is just a dumber version of shouting at real life football players while watching a match. We’ve all had that intense FIFA session with our pals when our virtual avatars make a terrible mistake resulting in the opposition getting an upper hand.

The quickest way to fix such a situation is of course shouting on top of our lungs the choicest of abuses aimed towards the guilty player inside our TV screens. The virtual guy who is the result of someone’s code is definitely going to improve his play due to it. And hey, we’re definitely not the ones controlling his in-game actions. Tsk. Tsk.

Did anyone mention logic? Such a pity. We all know it always works and no matter what anyone thinks or says, we’ll continue to do it.

Trying to lean in real life to look through corners


Realism and videogames go hand in hand. With shooters such as Battlefield 4, Crysis 3 and Black Ops 3 blurring the lines between virtual and real, it is only natural for us to carry out some real life movements while playing them.

The most common of these is when we’re trying to look through corners, rather than pressing the button that enables us to lean (if the game allows it), we often end up trying to lean in real life, hoping against hope that it’ll give us a better view in the game that we’re playing.

It’s a pity it doesn’t work and we quickly vow never to repeat such a stupid action again, only to end up doing it again in the next round that had gone a bit too intense for our liking.