8 Horribly Broken Games That Should Have Never Been Released


Most games have at least a few little bugs and glitches at launch, it’s something we’ve come to expect. Sometimes, it goes a lot deeper than that. Whether it’s online servers that can’t handle the hoards of players on launch day, or game-breaking bugs that make it unplayable, there are certain things that can tank a highly anticipated game during the first week, and most of the time they’re not able to recover. Gamers are willing to overlook a lot for their favorite franchises, but there’s only so much they can handle.

Here’s a rundown of 8 games that were hugely anticipated and set to be massive smash hits, but just weren’t ready for the limelight…

8. Battlefield 4 – 2013

image: whatculture.com

image: whatculture.com

Anyone having flashbacks of “Cannot connect to EA online” after seeing this title? Battlefield 4 has so much potential, and there is an awesome game underneath there, when you were actually able to play it.

It’s been a few years, and there’s still a constant flood of complaints and issues from players, despite multiple patches. It seems as if the new naming scheme, going back to Battlefield 1, is a way to get a fresh start and leave this one in the past.

7. Assassin’s Creed: Unity – 2014

image: digitaltrends.com

image: digitaltrends.com

When the developer themselves apologizes profusely and a mandatory day 1 patch, that is a sign that things aren’t going great. After a few attempts to sort out the game, they ended up releasing a massive 40gb patch.

It wasn’t a bad game, it just wasn’t ready yet… If they had taken a little extra time to sort these issues out before shipping it, nobody would have batted an eye, but of course there’s all sorts of pressure to meet deadlines, even when they aren’t realistic, and so the art suffers.