7 videogames where the bad guys actually win

2. Halo: Reach

image: wikia

From the onset of this game, it’s no big surprise that things are going to end in a very bad way. You already know what happens in the following games, so this one is just setting the tone as a prequel. When you get to the last battle in Reach, you soon realize that it cannot be won, and an earth-like planet named reach is doomed. Eventually, the scrappy good guys fight back in future Halo titles, but Reach is a big victory for evil in the meantime.

1. Red Dead Redemption

image: wikipedia

All Marston really wanted was his family back, as this reformed outlaw is forced back into action as a bounty hunter for federal agents. You do a ton of work for them, and things seem to be going good, until John Marston is set to rest with a fury of bullets from the army. John was setup for a nice life, tending to the ranch and taking care of his family, but someone had other plans.