7 Times Videogames actually resulted in a person’s death

Image credit: KAYLA O HEARON

Some games get so painfully addicting, they take over most of your life. Some people are more prone to this, and the companies that make these games know it. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets to the point of unhealthy addiction, and ends up literally ruining people’s lives.

From quitting your job, to leaving your significant other, these games have destroyed homes, and torn families apart. No, we aren’t exaggerating like it’s a joke. This stuff actually happens.

World of Warcraft


Let’s start with probably the most notorious one. WoW, for short, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG. This game has been the poster title for addictive gaming since it was released.

Probably the worst case scenario in all of gaming was Rebecca Colleen Christie. She was so attached and addicted to WoW, that she let her 3 year old daughter starve to death in 2011. That’s heavy. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison after it was discovered that the incident was a severe case of child neglect, brought on by her addiction to Warcraft.

There have been several other instances where the game’s addiction led to a person’s death. Another notable one was when a Shanghai based man collapse and died in his couch in a cafe after playing the game non-stop for a period of 19 hours.


Dating back to 1982, Berserk is probably the earliest known example of addiction to a game ending in death. 19 year old Peter Bukowski collapsed from a heart attack after landing a high score on Berserk. The heart attack was brought on by a compromised cardiovascular system, agitated beyond repair by the arcade game.