7 surprising changes in Skyrim: Special Edition You Never Noticed


Skyrim: Special Edition made huge improvements on the original, but what you might not know is that there are a bunch of tiny changes that have had big impacts on immersion and convenience. Here are 7 of our favorites:

Toggle Sprint


In the original version of Skyrim, you had to hold down the sprint button or shift key in order for your character to run. Special Edition changes that. Now, all it takes is one push of the shift key to get your character moving (at least until his stamina runs out). I personally love this change, holding down the shift key was a minor nuisance for me.

Separate Save Files


As any Skyrim player with multiple characters knows, keeping track of save files can be a nearly impossible task. Skyrim: Special Edition solves this problem. Now, the save files are separated by character and organized further under each character. What was a minor problem for some players, or a major problem for someone like me who forgets which character is which on a daily basis, has finally been solved.

Better Water Physics

skyrimWater. The nectar of life. That one thing Bethesda really messed up in Skyrim. In the vanilla version, rain and snow could fall through roofs if you stood under a gazebo or awning. Wave physics were subpar at best, with the water completely ignoring collision. Hell, sometimes the water would flow uphill.

Torturer’s Hood


This one really bothered me in vanilla Skyrim. At the beginning of the game, an executioner is about to chop your head off before a dragon interrupts your beheading. The executioner dies, but his hood couldn’t be looted. With the release of Special Edition, this glaring problem HAS BEEN FIXED!

The executioner’s hood (in game name – torturer’s hood) is now lootable at the beginning of the game. Previously, the only way to acquire this item was by joining the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. Now, everyone can traverse Skyrim with a super cool hood on.