7 Reasons You Should Buy The PS4 Pro Over The Xbox One S


Finally that 4K TV can stop gathering dust and be used for what we always wanted it for. 4K gaming consoles draw ever closer with the upcoming release of both Sony and Microsoft’s 4K consoles.

Both stand ready to provide exceptionally high detailed 4K gaming however it’s time to ask; Which one is the better 4K console?

So here are 7 reasons for why you should choose the PS4 Pro.

1. More Power


With a $100 difference in pricing, the question stands how much extra power are we getting for the Playstations higher cost? Well by pure computing power alone the PlayStation immediately shows its benefits.

Pulling in at 4.14 teraflops (the main unit of measuring computational speed), the PS4 Pro leaves the Xbox in the dust, sitting at 1.32 teraflops. This raw power advantage dramatically helps the PS4 pro pull ahead in performance for many of the desired features of a 4k gaming machine.

2. Superior 4k

Image: Siri, one of the two main leads in The Witcher 3

Image: Siri, one of the two main leads in The Witcher 3

While advertised as 4K Gaming machines, nether console is actually putting out 4k resolution. To get this, players are still going to have to drop some serious money on a 4K PC system.

Both consoles utilize upscaling to provide 4K graphics however, they each have a different approach. While the Xbox One S uses traditional upscaling methods, similar to that of 4K TV’s, Sony uses software to develop its 4K resolution. This allows Sony to utilize their power advantage to create a more vibrant and immersive 4K experience.