7 Normal People who Became Memes and Lives were Flipped Upside Down

Some people go to extreme lengths to try to become “internet famous”, whereas for other people, it happens by accident. Sometimes it’s something great, like if you end up being the face of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme, or Good Guy Greg. But for every GGG, there’s a Scumbag Steve who is paying the price.

Some people embrace it, others shy away, but in any case, once you become a meme, it sticks.

7. Star Wars Kid

This is a tough one, this kid was recording himself doing light saber moves with a broom handle, but then the video got uploaded online, and has been viewed well over a billion times.

He ended up getting a lot of offers for appearances, but he turned them down becasue he didn’t want to turn into a circus. He ended up dropping out of high school because people gave him a really hard time over it, he was once quoted as saying “I want my life back.”

After overcoming a deep depression and devastating bullying over this embarrassing video, he’s gone on to study law and offer support for other victims of cyber bullying. Now, he’s killin’ it.

There’s people who would dream of having a tape like this surface so they could taste fame and go on all the talk shows and milk it, but if you aren’t laughing about it, it can feel like the whole world is laughing at you.

6. Kazoo Kid

Brett Ambler, aka Kazoo Kid, is the rockstar of awkward 1980’s videos that you secretly hope don’t surface.

He owns it for the most part, even though he kept it on the DL for a while. He says people usually find the video to be cute. Some of these other people who went viral by accident weren’t as lucky. He auditioned for the role and got it, but could never have expected the strange internet fame that would follow. He continues to work as an actor to this day, and his Twitter pic now proudly shows him playing Kazoo, so in this case all’s well that ends well.