6 Worst Legendary Lea Twitch Streaming Fails That Defies Logic

Flashing Vagina During Livestream


This one’s possibly the closest the popular Twitch streamer got to getting permanently banned on the service. During one of her not so normal streaming sessions, Lea seemed to be drunk and started going on a rant. She was also seen using a crutch due to an ankle injury.

It didn’t take long and she stood up in an awkward manner exposing her vagina to one and all of her live viewers. Many noticed this and accused her of doing this intentionally to gain popularity and Twitch soon jumped into action. It handed her with a 30 day ban which she served before coming back to the platform.

Ranting About Kids with Cancer “Going to die”


Lea showed her nasty side during one of her streaming sessions where she again went on a rant covering various topics. Although her opinion on everything mentioned during the rant wasn’t that appealing, the one that irked people the most was her comments about kids having cancer.

Lea claimed that although it’s sad but kids who have cancer are ‘going to die’ and it’s the truth and everyone should accept it. Needless to say, this created a massive controversy, with many people condemning her for making such distasteful comments.

Wardrobe Malfunction with top falling off


In one of her lighter goof ups, Lea, during one of her streaming sessions, seem to have intentionally have a Wardrobe accident that exposed her boobs. Although she quickly covered them up as they popped out and had an expression of shock, many people claimed that this was nothing but a gimmick to gain more fans and popularity on Twitch.

Gesturing in a lewd manner


In another controversial incident, Lea was seen making a gesture that resembled giving a BJ during one of her streaming sessions. Many viewers cried fowl and lashed out at her for making such gestures during what was supposed to be a stream about videogames.

As usual, Lea feigned ignorance and claimed it wasn’t made to suggest she was giving an air BJ but was just a random gesture.

Intentionally having ‘accident’ during livestream

Image: Lea Instagram

Image: Lea Instagram

Ranting about having a bad sex life

In what many thought was nasty, during one of her recent streaming sessions, Lea chose to have a really good pizza over Sex, saying she’s already had enough bad sex to not want more. Many people thought this was disrespectful to her boyfriend and she made fun of his masculinity by making such comments.

Others thought it was just uncalled for and she shouldn’t be disclosing such private information during public streams.