5 Pornstars that quit the industry to become Twitch streamers

Pornstars and camgirls are starting to realize that they can actually make a lot more money by streaming games on Twitch, without even having to take off their clothes or put up with any of the downsides of the adult industry.

There’s some serious money moving around on Twitch, and adult performers who already have a fanbase have got a big advantage, plus they’re already comfortable on camera so streaming is easy peasy.

Here are 5 people who realized the opportunity and decided to make a career switch.

5. Jessie Rogers

image: zetaboards.com

image: zetaboards.com

This 23 year old Brazilian-American is already on her third career while most of her peers are still trying to figure out which side table to get for their dorm from Ikea. She started off as a model in NY, then entered the adult film industry, and now she’s streaming and active and Youtube.

“Some men just go crazy when they see a porn girl gaming.” – Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers Twitch 2
Chances of her returning to the adult industry are very unlikely. She is an activist in favor of condom use in pornography, which isn’t the most popular stance to take in that industry.

4. Mia Rose

image: facebook

image: facebook

Mia is another lady who successfully made the transition from adult film star to Twitch streamer, and has been an avid WoW player for many moons. She still embraces her past, with handles like “Miarosexxx”. She has filmed over 100 adult films, and has over 11 million views on her Twitch.