4 Amazing Fallout 4 Cosplay That You Need To See

Cosplaying, to some, is a passion. Cosplayers put lots and lots of work into their outfits to perfectly mimic their favorite characters, whether it be movies, games, or other media. Fallout 4 has plenty of characters for you to love (and hate), so it’s no surprise that cosplayers from all over have recreated some of them.

Keep in mind, these are just some of the most well done cosplays. There’s plenty of talented artists that go unnoticed unfortunately, due to lack of exposure through social media. We encourage anyone that takes up this hobby to create some form of social media, whether be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in order to share your art with the world.

That being said, let’s take a look at them!

Nick Valentine (Cosplay by Arcanum Order)

Have you ever wanted to talk to Nick Valentine, your favorite Synth detective, in person? This is as close as you’re gonna get. Arin Lister, the person behind Arcanum Order, has brought Valentine to life in his, now nerd-famous, cosplay. It’s so well done in fact that Bethesda themselves shared his cosplay on the official Fallout social media accounts.


Magnolia (Cosplay by Little Songbird Cosplay)

Magnolia is a character you may not remember as well as Valentine, but she still stood out. She’s the singer at the bar in Goodneighbor. Little Songbird did a very faithful recreation of her, which we respect considering Magnolia isn’t a story crucial character. Nice to see the lesser known ones getting some love.


Hancock (Cosplay by Painkiller Cosplay)

Gotta love Hancock. His character in Fallout 4 is incredibly fun to talk to, which makes him a great companion. This cosplay is on point because the mask used to ghoulify Painkiller was custom made by 13th Ward FX, and they nailed it.


Preston Garvey (Cosplay by Casual Assassin Designs)

Ahh yes, we saved the best for last. Admittedly, it may not be the most difficult cosplay to design, but Preston is easily the most famous character from Fallout 4, so this one takes the cake. Casual Assassin pulled off Preston perfectly, and even gave us a memorable Vine, paying homage to the characters famous line.

Vine courtesy of Jake Young.


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