30 Photos That Show the Before and After Effects of Photoshop On Hollywood’s Biggest Celebs


Hollywood is the biggest entertainment industry on Earth and it’s celebrities shine brighter than the stars you can see at night. However, not everything is the result of their charming good looks and sex appeal.

A lot of more goes into making them look as good as they do when donning front pages of newspapers and magazine covers, and Photoshop has a LOT to do with it all.

Editors do their magic after the photographers after done capturing these mega stars with their lens and some of the changes, to put it mildly, can be quite drastic.

Today, we take a look at 30 such images that shows you that everything you see on the internet of your favorite magazine cover might not be an accurate representation of how these superstars look in reall life –



Lady Gaga


Keira Kneighly


Faith Hill