16-Year-Old Hacker Sneaks Game Onto Steam Without Valve’s Approval


A 16 year old hacker recently found way to put a game on Steam directly without Valve’s approval. Valve generally curates the Steam service and looks into what should be available and what not in the store.


People were shocked to see the game, Watch Paint Dry in the store and complained that Steam’s quality control over Greenlight games had gone down the drain.

However, the game was made in RPG maker and was never on Greenlight. The kid named Ruby Nealon, made the 45- second long game only to showcase the exploit and get the attention of Valve.


He wasn’t very proud of the game either.

I’m going to cut out the part where I made the 45-second long paint drying simulator in RPG Maker as I’m not particularly proud of it and it’s not relevant.

Ruby got access to the publishing platform for Steam games, Steamworks and created Watch Paint Dry. He then searched for exploits until he found one which let him be seen as a Valve staff member.

Ruby explains how he did it on the next page