15 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do In GTA

5. Double-cross your friend’s

image: YouTube

While playing as a team is all fun and what not, it is always fun to embrace your darker side. As the saying goes “trust no one,” GTA Online is no exception to this rule, if you are out venturing Los Santos with your best pals and you decide to rob a store to nab a couple bucks make sure you head to the cash register first, as any money acquire from the register will go to whoever opens it first. Once you nab the goods, feel free to sneak away from the store and have your friends deal with law enforcement while you indulge in your new winnings.

4. Visit the strip club

image: Rockstar Games

Every pre-puberty teenage boy’s dream, to go to a strip club and watch girls in sexual clothing dance on poles and give lap dances. In GTA Online players can hit up their local strip club and receive lap dances from the dancers, however, don’t try to touch them as you will get kicked out. However, if you somehow manage to get kicked out of the gentlemen’s club feel free to grab a few firearms and charge in with your friends.