15 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do In GTA

7. Play tennis with your friend’s

image: Steam

Okay, so playing a sport is more fun then spectating one to some, so playing tennis is obviously one of these sports, regardless of your skill it’s enjoyable to partake in. In GTA Online, you can play a few matches of tennis and maybe do a tennis grunt over the mic to piss off your friends for the fun of it, and who says that playing sports in an online RPG can’t be fun too?

6. Customize your own Deathmatches or Races

image: Rockstar Games

Dedicated fans of GTA Online are well aware of the Rockstar created races and deathmatches available to you. If you have a creative side of you that you wish to show off, perhaps look into GTA Online Content Creator, where you can design your own deathmatches, races, and capture missions to your own preference.