15 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do In GTA

11. Acquire a submarine

image: YouTube

Everyone knows about the submarine you can use in one of the main missions of the single player mode, but what you did not know, is that you can acquire one in GTA Online. If you’re tired of land and want to explore the deep sea, head to one of the four locations on the map, and start your underwater adventure.

10. Visit the Playboy Mansion

image: Rockstar Games

You’d be amazed as to how many people are aware that there is a huge house in Los Santos that is similar to the real-life playboy mansion. Dubbed the Richman Mansion (located by Americano Way to the Sout, West Eclipse Boulevard to the east and Picture Perfect Drive to the north right by the golf course). Depending on the time you go, you will find people drinking beer, swimming in the pool, Playboy-like models as well as topless women.