15 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do In GTA

13. Have a civilian ride you across Los Santos  

image: YouTube

While there is a taxi service available in the single player campaign, unfortunately, GTA Online lacks one entirely (at the time of writing). If you wish to have an NPC chauffeur you around, grab a friend and throw any driver in the city out of their seat, then enter the car. While your friend takes the driver’s seat head to the back seats and pop a squat make sure your friend does not start driving away though. The NPC will not attack you if you sit in the back, however, they will attack the one who is in the driver’s seat, they will get back in their car and start driving, completely disregarding you sitting in the back. It may not be a legit taxi service, but it’ll do for now.

12. Watch a movie

image: YouTube

Sometimes roaming Los Santos can get mundane. Thankfully, GTA Online is living proof that it is one of the best life simulators on the market (yes, even better than The Sims). Head over to the Los Santos Movie Theatre with some friends and you can view an array of short films, while this activity appeals to some and not all, it is pretty immersive to know that this feature is offered in the game at all.