12 videogames releasing in 2017 every gamer must play


Image: Prey

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The new year is gearing up to have some amazing titles released. Gamers will be swamped with deeply engaging series as a sea of new titles appear on the horizon. While there are plenty more games set for release in 2017, these are our most anticipated games of 2017.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Platforms: Wii U, Nintendo NX
Release Date: TBA 2017

With its 30th birthday approaching, The Legend of Zelda is set to celebrate in style. Breath of the Wild a non-linear open world adventure game. While it may look like a break away from the series at first glance, the game actually draws many parallels to the original NES titles.

Players will be exploring a monster filled wilderness as they see fit. Breath of the Wild will be launching on both Wii U and Nintendo’s new console, the NX.

God of War


Platform: PS4
Release Date: TBA 2017

After brutalizing one pantheon of gods, the Ghost of Sparta has set his sights on another. Based around the Norse mythology, God of War sees players adventuring in the frozen north alongside a young companion.

The fourth main title in the series, God of War is innovating on their traditional formula. The trailer shows a heavily cinematic experience running alongside the gory action.

Destiny 2


Platforms: Ps4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date: TBA 2017

While little is known at this point of what Destiny 2 will bring, it has been confirmed for release in 2017. The sequel to Bungie’s online FPS title, Destiny 2 will continue where the original leaves off. Originally slated for 2016, Destiny 2 was pushed back to refocus on what is most important to the franchise.

PC players can get excited with a recent leak revealing the plans for Destiny 2 to release on PC alongside the console launch.

Mass effect Andromeda

mass effect

Platforms: Ps4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date: March 2017

Not the first time it has appeared in one of our lists. Originally expected for release at the end of 2016, Andromeda has been pushed back into 2017. Andromeda starts off a new story for the mass effect series.

Players are put on a journey to a new galaxy to expand the limits of humanity. While many of the details are still unreleased, we can expect the elements we loved from the original series.