10 YouTubers Who Became Rich and Famous Overnight

Every day thousands of individuals create YouTube channels, with hopes to become an internet celebrity. While some videos are lucky to get a couple hundred views, other videos become so viral, that these content creators can become a household name in less than 24 hours. These are 10 YouTubers who rose to fame and fortune overnight.

10. McJuggerNuggets

Image: YouTube

Jesse Ridgway (aka McJuggerNuggets) is a content creator from New Jersey. Originally opening up his channel in December 2006, Jesse’s videos consisted of (terrible) skits. But, what really made his channel blow up to the 3+ million channel it is today, was because of his famous “Psycho Series,” which was a series of around 50 videos that spanned several years, most of the videos had Jesse’s father destroying something such as McJuggerNuggets Xbox One, or computer monitor.

The first video, uploaded on December 22nd, 2012  called, “Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox” went viral, and currently has 21+ million views at the time of writing. In June 2016, Ridgway concluded the Pyscho series and now does vlogging videos.

9. Scarce

Image: YouTube

A YouTube drama news channel with over 2.8 million subscribers, John Scarce’s YouTube channel blew up exponentially, around mid-2016 when the entire YouTube community was witch hunting Drama Alert host, Daniel Keem (Keemstar). Popular YouTuber, GradeAUnderA, who made a video on how to “REALLY piss Keem off” gave Scarce’ channel a shout out. Additionally, YouTuber and commentator, Pyrocynical promoted Scarce’s channel at the end of one of his videos.

8. Wafflepwn

Image: YouTube

A channel with over 1.6 million subscribers, Wafflepwn‘s channel consists of videos the cameraman, Jack, who videotapes his brother, Stephen having meltdowns over various things. The first video was uploaded on May 3rd, 2009 and currently has 90 million views. The latest video on the channel (Greatest freak out ever 34 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)) was uploaded on August 14th, 2016.

7. Zoie Burgher

Image: YouTube

A gaming YouTuber, Zoie Burgher‘s channel currently has over 1.1 million subscribers. Originally opening her channel on February 21st, 2013, Burgher’s channel didn’t begin receiving the internet’s attention until late 2016, when she began streaming Call of Duty and would occasionally twerk on stream. News channels, DramaAlert and Scarce reported on her notorious streaming behavior. While several big named YouTubers began criticizing Burgher’s methods for

News channels, DramaAlert and Scarce reported on her notorious streaming behavior. While several big named YouTubers began criticizing Burgher’s methods for gaining subs.

6. Sam and Nia

Image: YouTube

A married Christain couple, Sam and Nia opened up their channel in early 2007. Known for going vlogs of their daily life, the couple’s channel began to receive the spotlight in August 2015 after Sam filmed a video of him examining his wife’s urine with a pregnancy test. Sam then surprises Nia with the test and the two happily celebrate with their two children.

Despite the happy pregnancy announcement, the couple later uploaded a video, where they explain that Nia had a miscarriage, which is no longer available later on, news surfaced that the pregnancy was fake. Despite the fabrication of the incident, the couple still maintains a channel with 1.7 million subscribers, and upload daily vlogging videos.

5. Willy Mammoth

This gaming YouTuber who calls himself the prehistoric cocksman experienced a meteoric rise mostly on Facebook. He emerged out of nowhere in November 2016, racked up tens of millions views, and built a loyal fan base seemingly overnight. His commentary is crude, unfiltered, and immature but unarguably brilliant.

He nearly caused a national incident when his animated public service announcement “HOW TO NOT GET SHOT BY THE POLICE” went viral on Facebook and after receiving numerous death threats, tens of thousands of police officers and members of the military voiced their support for Willy and his controversial message, despite the profanity in the video.

4. Ltcorbis

Image: YouTube

Ltcorbis is a commentator and gamer with over 600k on YouTube. On March 10th, 2016, Pyrocynical did a video, on Ltcorbis, expressing how he enjoyed her content, causing her channel to blow up.

3. Its Prime

Image: YouTube

Who could ever imagine that a school project would cause you to get a substantial amount of subscribers? YouTuber It’s Prime certainly was not expecting it. In May 2016, the 13-year-old vlogger made a powerpoint presentation on his idol, gaming YouTuber and one of FaZe’s biggest members, FaZe Apex.

Unfortunately, his teacher did not appreciate his presentation and she originally gave him a failing grade. Thankfully, the presentation was uploaded onto YouTube and caught the attention of Apex, who ended up contacting his teacher and not to mention gave his channel a whole lot of love, causing his channel to blow up to and now his channel has over 300k subscribers.

2. Marina Joyce

Image: YouTube

A fashion vlogger, Marina Joyce began receiving national attention, when she began displaying some odd behavior that raised some concern for her fanbase. Several big YouTubers, including, Scarce, Pyrocynical and LeafyIsHere made videos on the whole ordeal, which resulted in Joyce receiving a substantial sub boost. Currently, Joyce’s channel has over 2 million subscribers where she uploads a variety of videos including fashion videos, QnA’s, and vlogs.

1. VitalyzdTv

Image: Tubefilter.com

Originally one of the biggest YouTube pranksters, VitalyzdTv started up his channel on August 7th, 2011. Less than a year after starting his channel the infamous streaker’s “Miami Zombie Attack Prank” video went viral, generating over 32 million views and ballooning his channel up. While the Russian YouTuber occasionally does prank videos he does not upload as frequently with his most recent video being uploaded around 2 weeks ago.