10 Unbelievable Comparisons that Show the Evolution of Gaming

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A good game doesn’t necessarily have to offer top notch graphics, instead a good story, well-built characters and responsive controls are more important. But when we see how frugal games used to look in the past and how lavish they are now, we simply cannot ignore the differences. For the sake of the old times and the new remakes, remasters and sequels we decided to make a list of the best 10 comparisons that show the evolution of gaming. The graphics involved were the main focus of our little experiment so prepare to feast your eyes and be amazed at the transformations!

Battlefield 1942 (2002) and Battlefield 1 (2016)
Battlefield 1
The Battlefield 1942 graphics are as simple as they get, with few details, almost no shadows and objects with square edges. In the opposite corner we have the latest installment: Battlefield 1, that offers realistic facial features, life-like sceneries and harmonious shapes and figures. In 14 years’ time much has changed in the gaming market, but the visual aspect is among the most striking improvement made.

God of War (2005) and God of War III Remastered (2015)

image via YouTube

image via YouTube

The first title of the franchise was released in 2005 and it looked spectacular enough back then, with a dynamic gameplay and explosive visual effects, this game exhaled testosterone. In 2015 a remake of the third installment was released and the greatness of the God of War has been unleashed with it. A higher degree of visual details, enhanced rain graphics and realistic light reflections add to the dramatic nature of the entire game.

Please watch the above video to see the side-by-side comparison videos of gameplay.