10 things about Pewdiepie you never knew about

One of the internet’s biggest stars isn’t simply just that. PewDiePie, who’s well on his way to hitting fifty-million subscribers on the popular video sharing platform YouTube, is an actual person (wow, well done me).

As such, there are a bunch of small, interesting things you’d probably not know about him. Read on to learn more about YouTube’s biggest star, the man, the myth, the legend, PewDiePie. Yeah, I’d happily identify as a bro.

PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

We’re starting off simple, with what, supposedly, quite a few people do actually know. When not going by his world-famous internet alias, PewDiePie goes by Felix. If you ever see him in the street, which let’s face it, you probably won’t – but if you do, maybe impress him by calling him by name. Felix is Latin and means “happy,” by the way.

Or not, because come to think of it that’s probably going to come across as incredibly creepy. Right?

He dropped out of university to focus on YouTube

To say PewDiePie’s dedication and commitment to his career, audience, and passion is praiseworthy would be a massive understatement – it’s pretty incredible. In 2010, he was at university pursuing a degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management.

Sometime during that year at university, he set up his YouTube channel, and a year later dropped out to focus on it. He was denied support from his parents for this decision, thus having to work at a hot dog stand to fund his videos. That’s dedication, right there.