10 Most Expensive Virtual Goods Ever Sold


If you’re still bitter about having to pony up extra cash for DLC, this list is definitely going to make you feel some type of way. These huge transactions bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘pay-to-win’, as people drop incredible fortunes on games.

Spending a couple bucks extra for a different outfit for a character doesn’t seem nearly as bad when you see people spending six, and even seven-figures on their favorite games. We’re maxing out at 2 items on this list from Entropia, otherwise this entire list would be sales from that game, including planets, moons, and even banking licenses which can fetch around $100,000 each.

10. Karambit Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) – CS:GO – $2,000


image: navi-gaming.com

Let’s start things off relatively inexpensively. If $2,000 for an in-game knife seems insane, that’s only because you haven’t seen the rest of this list yet.

9. Blue Party Hat – Runescape – $4,500

image: wikia.com

image: wikia.com

The blue party hat is a relic from the holiday season of 2001, and was immediately deleted by most people who won it from their Christmas Crackers for its seemingly uselessness, thus leading to it ultimately becoming rare and very valuable. Other colors of hats are also worth quite a bit.

8. Revenant Super Carrier – Eve Online – $9,000

image: reddit.com

image: reddit.com

This ship requires a very rare blueprint to build, and is worth billions of in-game ISK, which translates to $9,000 USD and earns it a spot as one of the most expensive virtual items. Unfortunately for the guy who owned it, the ship was destroyed shortly after construction completed.