10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made That Cost More Than Hollywood movies


As the gaming industry has grown over the decades, so have the budgets that games are getting. Many games have crossed over the 100m mark, and have budgets as big as some of the top Hollywood blockbusters.

These top 10 are sorted by their total costs, including development and marketing. The total cost is based on 2016 inflation so that we can get a more accurate comparison, since some of these games are a bit older.

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10. Deadpool – 2013 ($100M – $102M adjusted)



Developed by High Moon Studios, Deadpool is not only a game that’s fun as hell, but also a pretty expensive one to make. In 2013 it cost $100 million, sum that would amount to about $102 million in our days. Unfortunately, Deadpool was not a commercial success and on top of this, it was removed from Steam, Xbox Live and Playstation Network due to a contract termination between Activision and Marvel Studios. However as of June 2015 it became available on Steam, only for PC.

9. Max Payne 3 – 2012 ($105M – $108M adjusted)



In 2012, when it was released, Max Payne 3 had a cost of $105 million, nowadays this sum would total to about $108 million. This game managed to sell 3 million units in its first week after release but it hardly managed to acquire its target, namely 4 million copies sold. This sum was only reached after one year since it was first released and required heavy marketing stunts in order to bring Rockstar a profit.