10 Most Controversial Female Twitch Streamers

twitch streamer

Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform, by a long shot. Competing (if you can call it that) with YouTube now, it pulls in millions of viewers a day, all with people watching streamers play games. There’s a number of reasons they might do this – and it’s unfortunate that some of the time, it doesn’t work out as well as they might hope.

Sometimes, things get a little, let’s say, sticky. There have been a number of cases where people use their sex appeal to do well on Twitch, and whilst that’s perfectly OK for some, it does get taken a little too far at times. Stripping, “accidental” flashes and so on just aren’t acceptable.

Here are the ten most controversial female Twitch streamers. The common factor? Well, usually it’s something to do with the above. Sometimes, it’s something entirely different. Take a look.

1. LegendaryLea


From an earlier article“Lea, who goes by the username LegendaryLea, is known to woo her fans with her charms and good looks rather than her gaming skills.” Lea, apparently, went a little too far. She was uncomfortable, apparently, and decided to change position, or grab something. Unfortunately for Lea, she wasn’t wearing any undergarments and ended up flashing something she shouldn’t have. We’re saying nothing, but hopefully Lea’s doing well.

2. Pink Sparkles


Pink Sparkles certainly doesn’t shy away from drama – in fact, she revels in it, apparently. We can’t be sure, so it’s unfair to make any derogatory statements, but Pink Sparkles was known to have frequent rage episodes and mini mental-breakdowns. Eventually, she accidentally flashed her viewbot software on Twitch – and was immediately banned. Last we heard, she was unbanned for some reason. We’re not sure what’s up now. Hopefully she gets the help she needs, if something is bothering her.