10 LegendaryLea Twitch Streaming “Accidents” That Didn’t Seem Like Accidents

Lea May a.k.a LegendaryLea, who commands a massive fan base on popular videogame streaming platform Twitch, was recently banned by the service for 30 days. The ban was a result of her ‘accidentally’ lifting her leg enough for the viewers to get a quick glimpse of the private region.

Although Lea swears that it wasn’t intentional and was because of an injury she was going through, the internet and community at large are skeptical. This is mostly because it wasn’t the first time Lea showed more than the viewers bargained for when livestreaming.

Credit: Lea May Instagram

Actually, she’s had her fair share of accidents resulting in copious amounts of skin show in the past as well. An imgur user and her fan has actually documented all the incidents and there’s a staggering 17 of them.

Lea has gained more than a 100000 subscribers to her channel as a result of the recent episode and it doesn’t seem she’s getting any less popular considering how clumsy she is during her livestreams. We just hope Twitch doesn’t spoil the party permanently.

Image credit: Lea May Instagram

Wearing a mini skirt and then bending down to pick something up live

Let us all blame the cat!

Well, not intentional at all

Marlyn Monroe would approve of this

Not intentional at all

Feeding the dog, nothing else.

Just fixing the map

Dog’s responsible for this

Biggest what?

Just dancing to a tune

That’s quite a lot of unintentional flashes and embarrassing moments to have. We wonder how she keeps doing them again and again although she admits it wasn’t intentional.

Twitch is meant to be a platform for streaming videogames but it’s fast becoming a place for female streamers who doesn’t mind dressing or rather undressing to get more viewers and subscribers. You can check out more such incidents of Lea over at this Imgur gallery.

We aren’t saying it’s a bad thing but we’re just saying it’s there and prevalent.