These are 10 Japanese Game Shows that are Too Dirty for American TV

Who doesn’t love a good game show? While American game shows are entertaining, to say the least, one can not deny the fact that Japan is the king of game shows. Known for their outlandish and borderline barbaric scenarios it is safe to say that contestants on these game shows are definitely put through some stuff.

That being said, here are 10 Japanese game shows that make even shows like Fear Factor look like child’s play:

Sokkuri Sweets

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Have you ever thought that you could tell the distinct difference between your loafers or a piece of chocolate shaped like a loafer? Well, Sokkuri Sweets show is right up your alley.

The premise of this show has contestants tasting various everyday items, then trying to figure out whether or not it is a piece of candy or if it is the actual object that it is shaped. So I know what you are thinking “but how is that possible?” Well, the show uses an art form known as Sokkuri, which allows you to turn chocolate into anything, ranging from a stapler to a coffee table.