10 Hardest Videogames That Are Impossible To Beat

Videogames can create a great deal of frustration when it comes to the player dying over and over again.  The challenge of an insane difficulty level is probably what keeps us going as gamers. That’s why today we are going to be listing the Top 10 Hardest Video Games of All Time.

Most of these games have been played by you but only a handful of dedicated gamers among you have actually gone on to finish the games or reached 100% completion on them.

While some of the games might be OK to complete at the easiest difficulty, once you play on normal or above, it really becomes a challenge.

This list really takes a look back and even includes some arcade titles.


contra hardest game
The first item on the list is probably one of the games that can be considered the father of cash grabs, because it was originally released back in 1987 for the coin-operated arcade machines. Konami wanted you to die a lot and lose all your lives, because it sent you digging in your pocket for yet another coin that will let you continue your game.

The game design was actually pretty good, as it is still considered a classic nowadays, but the difficult platforming and the extreme amount of bullets flying your way could become overwhelming for even the best of players.

Silver Surfer

Another classic that made its way to the NES back in 1990, is the bullet hell that is known by the name of Silver Surfer. The levels alternated between the side-scrolling and the overhead perspective as you had to give it your best to avoid basically everything that came at you. Oh … and I forgot to mention that you basically die from one hit.

Besides the annoying bullets of various shapes and sizes that are often difficult to spot, you had to worry about crashing into the sides of the levels or into any of the many obstacles they throw your way, including rubber ducks that kill you if you touch them.

Mega Man 9

Similar to Contra, this game also has excellent level design, but may become too frustrating for most players. It was released by Capcom in 2008 and it still kept that retro vibe to it. Although they weren’t aiming towards you dumping more coins into an arcade machine, they were definitely thinking about making the game hard so that people would be challenged.

You will definitely die a lot before learning the enemy bullet patterns and the moves you must make in order to pass the levels. Almost every level has a unique method of completion that will keep you on your toes.